Club Honours: Passion & Fame.

October 2002
Exiled Jags Challenge Cup 2002 Winners
Ja Thistle vs Bobby Barnes Branch 4-10 (4-2)
Bobby Barnes are the 1st team ever to win the prestigous cup three times in a row !

March 2002
4th place in the 7-a-side Champions League

Bobby Barnes finished 4th in a tournament of 16 of the best 7-a-side teams in Scotland, if not the world, played at Garscube Sports Complex, Glasgow

November 2001
Exiled Jags Challenge Cup Winners

8-4 against Ja Thistle (6-a-side) in Cologne

September 2000
Exiled Jags Challenge Cup Winners

3-1 against Ja Thistle (7-a-side) in Amsterdam

October 1999
Firhill Complex Cup Winners

21-6 (!) against a Glaswegian selection of Jags support (5-a-side) in Glasgow 

June 1999
Exiled Jags Challenge Cup runners-up

3-6 against Ja Thistle, a Dutch supporters' club (5-a-side) in Cologne

October 1996
Berlin Cup Winners

7-5 against a Berlin students' selection (4-a-side) in Berlin