About us: The club. The history. The fans.

This branch of Thistle support was founded in 1994 by 4 German students living in Murano Street at that time. The founder members are Michael Freitag, Stefan Merx ( both from Cologne), Jochen Zigan (Berlin) and Michael Schaffar (Ruesselsheim).

We usually travel to Glasgow once a year to watch Thistle play. It usually takes a couple of pints after the matches to drown our sorrows as the Jags' play has gone from bad to worse. Over time we have made friends in Glasgow and got used to defeats so this will never keep us from coming back to Firhill. 

The present board members/club members are :

Membership No. Name Job Title Entry Date
1 Michael Freitag (Cologne, GER) President f*
2 Stefan Merx (Cologne, GER) Chairman f
3 Jochen Zigan (Berlin, GER) Treasurer f
4 Michael Schaffar (Ruesselsheim, GER) Senior Social Convenor f
5 Stephen K Mulrine (Glasgow, SCO) CEO Scotland 10/96
6 Ricky Burns (Edinburgh, SCO and Cologne, GER) Key Choral Director East of Scotland and South of Cologne 12/98
7 Donald W Ross (East Kilbride, SCO) Chief Liaison Officer 01/99
8 Darren Peake (Peterborough, ENG) Bobby Barnes Ambassador, South Britain 02/99
9 Graeme Cairns (Cumbernauld, SCO) Youth Representative 02/99
10 Peter Wilhelmsson (Vedevag, SWE) Chief Operating Officer, Scandinavia 04/99
11 Kai Wiecking (Boston, USA, now Munich, GER) Manager Overseas Division 04/99
12 Val Burke (Bearsden, SCO) Executive Vice President, New Strategies 07/99
13 Alan Kerr (Stratford-upon-Avon, ENG) Vice President Cultural Affairs 09/99
14 Andreas Schulte (Cologne, GER) General Manager, West of Germany 09/99
15 Paul Phillipson-Masters (Aberdeen, SCO) Communications Coordinator 10/99
16 Iain Mitchell (Glasgow, SCO) Manager, Quality Assurance 10/99
17 Simon Dell (Glasgow, SCO) Honorary Vice President and Chief Historian ** 11/99
18 Fraser Welsh (London, ENG) Art Director 11/99
19 Graeme Hedger (Sidney, AUS) Ambassador for the Southern Hemisphere 02/00
20 Susanne Schaffar (Ruesselsheim, GER) Web Support Manager 04/00
21 Ingmar Jorgowski (Berlin, GER) Kit Manager, New Eastern States 09/00
22 Scott Harvie (Thornton, ENG) First Choirmaster 03/01
23 Karen Willey (Glasgow, SCO) Mystic Manager 04/01
24 Keith Miller (whereabouts unknown) Chief Statistician 04/01
25 Mairi McInnes (Glasgow, SCO) Information Officer 12/01
26 David Fulton (Erskine, SCO) no appointment yet 12/01
27 Thomas Mersch (Cologne, GER) Executive Chief Scout,
Southern Cologne (East)
28 Neil Copland (Glasgow, SCO) Partickle Physicist 03/02
29 Mark Di Meo (Glasgow, SCO) Honorary Vice President*** and Senior Manager, Public Relations 07/02
30 Hannu Hakonen (Helsinki, FIN) Senior Prophet and nominee for the "Board Member of the Year Award"**** 11/02
31 Dr. Heinrich Prophet (Rostock, GER) Chief Debator Medical Sciences, Board Physio and Chief Scout Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 08/07
32 Ajka "Ziganova" (Berlin GER, Prague CZE) Chief Diversity Officer, Supervisor Gender Equality 08/07
33 Natasha Mulrine (Glasgow, SCO) Repressive Regime Liaison Officer 08/07
*f : an f denotes a founder member
** Simon has donated the book  "The Jags-The Centenary History of Partick Thistle Football Club" to the branch. It was put into the holy shrine. The updated photo of the shrine will be published as soon as possible.
*** Mark has donated a Jags video, which found its place next to the holy VCR.
**** Hannu has been to Firhill now (Partick Thistle vs Hearts, 12 Apr 2003) which earned him a senior title. His commitment has also earned him a nomination for "Board member of the Year Award". Too bad the branch does not award this prize...